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As  gifts go… (Published on the 24th of September 2012)

In the good tradition of the forever empty and abused wallet, I started to look around, cautiously, for the web pages with „gifts”.
Oh Goodness!
How typical and uninspired we are!
Although I gazed through many offers, I found nothing funny, or at least worthy to remember, as a small budget means …an original gift, right?
So here’s what I’ve got:
-For women: earrings, rings- not gold or silver, (cause you are also on a crisis budget, or not, cuties?),  picture frames, slippers- pink-most likely,  and a couple really smart pots … (if we are not smart, at least the household should be 😉 )
-For men: ties, watches, glasses of various colors and most necessarily- the pipe, hookahs and others from the same smoking family. Well, aren’t you all gentlemen!
-For children: if we didn’t make them go insane with the puzzles until now, we have them again in variousoffers, thousand dolls look-a-like Barbie, the original ones are harder to find, and other so-called smart games, for which the the only glimpse of intelligence I found, was that the producer changes the cover so often that we find ourselves buying the same stuff, over and over again, hoping every time that the game has something new and improved, and …that’s about it.
That thought leads me to my glorious past when, as a child, I was eagerly looking through drawers for something  interesting to bring as a gift, than I wrapped it in a handkerchief or a piece of paper with a note : „I love you, Mommy , Dad (or whoever had a birthday) „. I was greeted, invariably with many kisses and hughs, so dear to me.
Now I can say that I am very disappointed, I expected more.
If politics is filled with vicious circles, more or less concentric, with characters that intersect everywhere in inter-party political fights, if the country no longer protects its people and self resources, if our classic jokes are more and more , you want me to believe that we’re not even inspired anymore?
Oh comme on, I refuse to lose my trust in ourselves!
So, if inspiration strikes, give me a sign!



Looks can be deceiving…(Published on the 13th of September 2012)

Sometimes when I ask: How are you? Are you okay? … I move on and I don’t wait for you to reply.

Then you stay perplexed by my inability to have common sense and listen to your answer and think disapprovingly, that still suffer from the wild syndrome and I’m not civilised yet.
But here’s what you do not know: I only need two fractions of a second to read in your eyes if you’re ok or not, and I choose to spare a response too intimate, perhaps too fast given …

I asked you, however, for a reason.

I felt your heart and I know that if you could, you would overflow with feelings, so that others could carry your burden, too.

Therefore I offer you a way out, and expect to see when you’ll be taking a decision.

Until then, all I want you to know is that I’m here, that your soul’s storm did not go unnoticed, that if something bad were to happen, God forbid, there is at least one person who would ask you if you are okay.

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